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Having very good audio can completely change the gaming experience for the better, which is why we recommend choosing one of the headphones we offer in our store. We guarantee that by listening to the enemy’s footsteps or the highest quality sound effects you will not regret your purchase.

Your gamer helmets, how should they be?

After several years of trying different headphones from various brands for music production, video games and listening to music I have learned what is really important to have a good experience when buying gaming headphones. I highlight three aspects: audio quality, comfort and quality of construction.

Hearing aids with better audio quality

Undoubtedly the first aspect to question is the sound quality that can come from the device, after all you are buying to listen through them and you should not forget that this is the most important thing.

My reference recommendation, if you want to go directly for professional audio, is that you buy an Audio-Technica BPHS1 which is a premium device at a good price and from a recognized audio brand. It is the most professional and quality option.

However, professional audio brands often do not include features designed to enhance the gaming experience such as 3D audio.

Many gaming brands do offer 3D spatial sound in their designs, but these features are not really so decisive in judging the sound quality, a stereo headset with flat response (without any added equalization or distortion) is more than perfect.

In fact, good hearing systems usually have a response among the 20hz and the 20khz, which covers most of the spectrum that can be captured by a human being (and even more depending on who uses it), any improvement in audio output is just an addition that may or may not serve you well.

Take into account that video games are often designed to be played in stereo and that’s it, to use space soundyou must activate it in the game and computer options.

You should also know thatheadphones with 7.1 output are not necessarily better than stereo ones, on the contrary, you could get better ones with normal output depending on which you look at.

Now, my recommendation for a gamer headset that provides excellent quality and features is the Razer Kraken X

These hearing systems enjoy excellent audio quality, I would even say that it surpasses some professional reference hearing systems that I have come to try. It has powerful bass and clear, brilliant highs. When it comes to listening to music and playing it doesn’t waver anywhere. You can clearly hear all the sounds that sound at once and it has a wide spectrum of frequencies between 12hz and 28khz(a complete madness).

It is designed to provide surround sound in a digital form, which makes it a good choice for multimedia consumption and games, but it is also a stereo system that can play your favorite music with good fidelity. Its built-in microphone also enjoys a surprisingly clear and good quality.

More comfortable gaming headset

Another relevant factor is comfort, when you spend a lot of time with the headphones on you will realize that although at first they seemed comfortable after several hours they will stop looking so and you will get tired of having them on. That’s why they should not only be comfortable but very comfortable.

Any of the headphones we put up are comfortable enough for you to wear for hours without any problems, but if you need a recommendation the ones I consider most comfortable are again the Razer Kraken X. Their fit is perfect for any size and they are also incredibly lightweight. They give an excellent feeling in the ears and isolate well the outside sound.

A slightly cheaper recommendation is the Logitech G332, which fits well on the head without being too tight, and its synthetic leather over the ears feels more comfortable than other Logitech fabric models. The Corsair HS35 also stands out pleasantly, and with good compatibility, for its bluetooth wireless use with volume controls and detachable microphone.

The gamer headphones and their manufacturing quality

Some time ago saying that a product was “gamer” could mean that you paid more for something that was actually inferior to other options. For example, good hearing aids, which won’t be damaged in a short time, were better to look for in well-known audio brands than in other brands.

However, today’s recognized brands such as Logitech, Razer and HyperXare working to deliver better performance and higher quality designs, making them more durable and reliable choices.

If you are looking for durability and confidence when buying I recommend the following helmets,all compatible with PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One:

The cables and parts of these hearing aids are of very good quality and whenever they stop working as they should, you can write to support as soon as possible so that they can assist you and give you the experience that you as a buyer and user deserve.

Bluetooth or cable phones? Which one sounds better?

Wireless headsets can be a great option but there are things you should consider before you buy them instead of opting for a wired one.

  • The audio may be of lower quality. The bluetooth protocol does not send as much data as it does over cable, only the latest versions are capable of sending a higher bit rate and thus a decent quality.
  • They use batteries and you must be careful not to run out of charge while playing.
  • You can only use them if your PC has abluetooth connection device.

However, they have some positive aspects that you should not forget.

  1. They are not wired. It sounds silly but you won’t have any wires to get in your way and that’s worth a lot.
  2. They generally have good autonomy.
  3. Modern consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) have bluetooth headset support.

In the end it’s a matter of taste, we recommend that if you’re looking for a good, affordable gamer headset you buy the Corsair HS35 that has good compatibility, good audio quality and construction, is comfortable and easy to use.

Gamer Pink Headphones

If you are looking for pink headsets ideal for gamer girls here are two excellent models to buy that have very good quality and functionality of Cougar and Razer brand.

Combine these peripherals with a pink-colored setup gamer if you want to build an eye-catching PC with plenty of personality.

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