Kawai Pink Graphic Cards for Gamer Girls

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Get here the pink graphics cards you need to complete your kawai setup gamer. YESTON has designed these video cards with striking designs in pink tones with LED or RGB lights.

Yeston video gamer cards for PC Gamer Pink

Yestonhas a series of dedicated graphics cards with bold and unique designs that will make you consider having them. Not only are they very showy but they alsobring with them a cooling system that does its job wellof keeping temperatures at bay while you play.

Want to see one in action before you decide? Watch this video of the youtuber Iker from the Hardware360channel testing the Yeston RX 580 2048SP Cute Pet. I’m telling you, apart from looking great,it works perfectly well!

The GPUs are the soul of your PC Gamer,you should think very well what graphic you will use for your computer and make it combine with your other devices. You should think about what processor you plan to combine your video card with and whether you need to upgrade your power supply.

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Most Powerful Pink Gaming Graphics Card: YESTON RX 5700 XT

If you are looking for the highest performance Video Card possiblethat has a beautiful pink Waifu Anime designthen you need to buy the Yeston RX 5700 XTwith RGB on its sides and 3 fans.

This video card has ahigh performance when playing at 1440p at over 60 frames per second in modern games with maximum graphic quality. Its performance is equivalent to that of an RTX 2070 Super without dedicated cores for Ray Tracing. You can play whatever you want with this graphic without any sacrifice.

Low consumption video card: RX 550 (Promotional code: SZMQFQRC on Aliexpress)

If you’re looking for a GPU with which to play e-sports and some modern games but you can’t fit something too powerful that consumes too much power, perhaps because you don’t have a CPU to take advantage of it or because you don’t have a powerful power source, then you can opt for a low consumption video card.

For the low profile models, typically needed in machines with small towers, you can use the RX 550 FUCSIA Low Profile by YESTON, with a low power consumption of only 40W, so no external connection to power supply is needed.

The pink YESTON brand designs of 2020

As you may have noticed all the designs available in pink tones, which are very nice and ideal for building a PC for girls or more or less with that feminine style kawai and cute, are from the Yeston brand, one that has especially become recognized in the sector for differentiate themselves from the competition, which is quite large, with their striking appearances.

yeston graphics cards
Dedicated 12nm AMD Radeon card presentation in female colors and designs.

These cards are mostly AMDfrom Polaris architectures at 14 or 12 nanometers for the RX 500 series and Navi at 7 nanometers for the RX 5000 series. Take advantage and buy the one you like best!